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Due to cancellations, we have the following available for sale for Trinidad Carnival 2020. Please WhatsApp +18683882937 if interested in purchasing. Serious enquiries ONLY please.

Carnival Rogue Costumes

Mera Female Backline

32B/ 34A Cut-out bra

Small hot-shorts

Small collar

$1,047 USD

Valkyrie Female Backline

32DDD /34DD /36D /38C /40B /42A Monokini bra

Large monokini bottom

Small collar

$848 USD

Kitana Female Backline

38DDD /40DD /42D Bikini Bra
Extra large Bikini
Hood and mask
$875 USD

Furiosa Female Backline

38DDD /40DD /42D /44C Bikini bra

Extra large bikini

Small collar

$876 USD

Furiosa Female Backline

36DDD /38DD /40D /42C /44B
Bikini bra

Large bikini

Small collar

$876 USD

Paparazzi Costumes

Charade Backline and Tiara

Cut-out bra (with underwire), 36C
S (fits US size 4-6),
Undecorated bikini

$760 USD

Charade Backline and Tiara

36D, Cut-out bra (with underwire)
M (fits US size 8-10),
Undecorated thong

$760 USD

Mimic Mimic Backline: Collar & Tiara

42DDD, Monokini
L (fits US size 12-14), Monokini (regular bottom)

$650 USD

Image © Carnival Rogue


Paparazzi costume for sale (section Masked) $780 USD.
Top piece - full bra size 36A, bottom piece - string bikini size small, head wear - tiara. Also includes Monday wear tank top (small), hotshots (small).

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In need of a paparazzi costume preferably a frontline or monokini costume from majestic
Bra Size - 38 D
Panty - XL


Paparazzi Carnival - Majestic Majestic Backline: Feathered Collar & Tiara - with wire bra - Collar & Tiara
1x Monday Wear Tank Top S
1x Bodywear Top Piece Wire bra, 32D
1x Belt M (30”-34”)
1x Bodywear Bottom Piece S (fits US size 4-6), Undecorated bikini
1x Monday Wear Hotshorts

Deposit Paid - unable to attend carnival. Located in the US but able to transact with friends in Trinidad as well.

Funds to me $250
Funds to Paparazzi $485


Section: Ara Kache Frontline: Backpack & Tiara
Bodywear Bottom Piece Decorated spider bikini, M (fits US size 8-10)
Bodywear Top Piece 32DD, Wire bra
Monday Wear Tank Top: M Hotshorts: M
Deposit Paid: $394USD Balance owed to Paparazzi: $$577USD
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY: whats app 917-968-0452

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