FOR SALE - BLISS - 2x Taya Frontline costumes
Costume 1
Bra: 34DDD/36DD/38D/40C
Bikini Bottom: Medium
Small Collar included

Costume 2
Bra: 38DDD/40DD/42D/44C
Bikini Bottom: Large
Small Collar included

Deposit paid, balance to be paid to BLISS.
Whatsapp: +447387046477 for details

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Male Bliss costume for sale
Section Taya
Size 36 waist
Payment to me: TT$2700.00 /US$400.00
Balance Due to Bliss: $2, 350.00 TT/ $376.00US


Joanelle Gajadhar

January 26, 2020 at 04:54pm


Band: Bliss
Section: Taya
Bra Size: 36C
Panty Size: M
Frontline with collar


Maeghan Ng Fan-Rowe

January 22, 2020 at 01:24am

Female Bliss Costume for sale !!

*Section: Taya
Bikini: XL
Top: 38DDD
Back line
Down payment to be paid to the seller
Remaining balance to be paid to Mas Camp
What’s app: +1(954)515-8622

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Female Bliss costume for sale TT$5895 / US$944
Section: Taya
Bra size: 34C
Panty size: Large
Down payment to be paid to seller: TT$3000 / US$480
Balance to be paid to mas camp; TT$2895 / US$464
Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp 868-685-1585

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