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For Sale! Trinidad Carnival 2023

Soca Brainwash

Hyatt Regency Trinidad - 1 fully paid double occupancy Hyatt room for Carnival period.


2 Soca Brainwash tix for sale $260usd each
1 Rouge Alexa Backline for sale $420 deposit to be / Balance to Rouge - @Hon3yM3L serious Inquiries please

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For Sale:
1 Soca Brainwash $260USD

1 STRUT (Male) $115 USD

1 Vale Vibe Breakfast $1400 TTD

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2 Soca Brainwash Trinidad 2023 for sale

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Soca Brainwash tic for sale 250usd


Two soca brainwash tickets for sale

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One Soca Brainwash (Trinidad) 2023 available for sale


Kerrn Spartan Lee

January 31, 2023 at 09:03pm

One soca brainwash ticket for sale 300usd
PayPal or cash app

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Having 1 soca brainwash ticket available for sale

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One sbw TT for 275
One female combo duck work (Wednesday and Friday) for 250

I NEED a Falco LARGE backpack with large feathered tail PLEASE

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