I have had no type of communication with these two young ladies who reported I am a “scammer.” I have not sold nor have they contacted me in regards to any of my tickets I had on sale. Those who contacted me, asked for my social media platform or what’s app.

Please everybody be aware of these real scammers reporting innocent people.

Do not make a sale where you can not assure your protected! I am not here to scam no one, we all work hard and we all want to enjoy carnival. Meanwhile, these scammers are on here plotting for our money. Smh.

With that said, I still have 2 soca brainwash tickets for sale for 180 each.
If you are located in NYC, I am located in Staten Island we can make arrangements to meet.
I can send you any type of proof you need and or identification to make transaction easy.


Selling Soca Brainwash tickets for $220 USD. Message for details.


Bacchanal Road female tickets for sale Feb 9th

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2 CIC Tickets... Willing to pay $1,350 for general tickets, $1,550 for combo tickets and $1,750 for VIP tickets.


Due to cancellations, we have the following available for sale for Trinidad Carnival 2020. Please WhatsApp +18683882937 if interested in purchasing. Serious enquiries ONLY please.

Carnival Rogue Costumes

Mera Female Backline

32B/ 34A Cut-out bra

Small hot-shorts

Small collar

$1,047 USD

Valkyrie Female Backline

32DDD /34DD /36D /38C /40B /42A Monokini bra

Large monokini bottom

Small collar

$848 USD

Kitana Female Backline

38DDD /40DD /42D Bikini Bra
Extra large Bikini
Hood and mask
$875 USD

Furiosa Female Backline

38DDD /40DD /42D /44C Bikini bra

Extra large bikini

Small collar

$876 USD

Furiosa Female Backline

36DDD /38DD /40D /42C /44B
Bikini bra

Large bikini

Small collar

$876 USD

Paparazzi Costumes

Charade Backline and Tiara

Cut-out bra (with underwire), 36C
S (fits US size 4-6),
Undecorated bikini

$760 USD

Charade Backline and Tiara

36D, Cut-out bra (with underwire)
M (fits US size 8-10),
Undecorated thong

$760 USD

Mimic Mimic Backline: Collar & Tiara

42DDD, Monokini
L (fits US size 12-14), Monokini (regular bottom)

$650 USD

Image © Carnival Rogue


1 Soca Brainwash ticket for sale $200US

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