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One sbw TT for 275
One female combo duck work (Wednesday and Friday) for 250

I NEED a Falco LARGE backpack with large feathered tail PLEASE

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2 Rise and Roast Tickets needed.

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FOR SALE: Buy Trinidad Carnival fete tickets with confidence

2 Suits Trinidad Carnival 2023 Ticket Male + Female $125


Beach House Carnival 2023 $215.74

Sunrise Breakfast Party Female Trinidad 2023 $255.00

Chicks _uck Work Friday & DDI Blockbuster Combo $197.00

Kes Iz We Special Reserved Parking $29.80

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Renee-Jada Matthews McKay

February 01, 2023 at 04:24am

Selling 3 tribe ignite tickets ! Need all gone by next week!
Message if serious


Do not buy tickets from Angie lagedrost who is selling 2 soaka street tickets, she is a scam.

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Looking for the following tickets:
*Fri, Feb 17*
- Sunnation

*Sat, Feb 18*
- AMbush


Looking for two Rise & Roast tickets.

Thumb lion

Looking for two Rise & Roast tickets.

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Looking for 1-2 DDI Scorch Harbour Master Tickets or ( willing to do a trade for the DDI Scorch Ocean Pelican boat)

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I need three AM Bush tickets. Serious inquiry!

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