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Need a male package waist 34, tribe or bliss

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Renee-Jada Matthews McKay

February 01, 2023 at 04:24am

Selling 3 tribe ignite tickets ! Need all gone by next week!
Message if serious

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Section: Dawn
Included: head dressing, decorated gloves, leg sleeve
Size: pants 28-32
Backpack: none
Meal: Meat option

Total: $5, 595 TTD or $895.20 US:
- ($2000 TTD or $320 USD owed to me) and
- ($3, 595 TTD or $575.20 USD owed to Lost Tribe)
- Balances need to be paid by Jan 31st 2023

Authorization letter will be provided.

Reason for sale: Transferred into another section in the band.

Serious inquiries only please: WhatsApp text: +1 612 360 6219 or [email protected]


Need a Tribe wrist band asap

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馃毃 SCAM/FRAUD ALERT 馃毃 DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM MICHELLE MONICA STIFLER or whatever their name is. Changed their Cash App from $mxmo1 PLEASE REPORT new Cash App
$mxmxo1 phone number: +1 (484) 641-0139, Stifler [email protected]. Claims TRIBE frontline aurum 32C small, 34B medium & 34D large is paid off but when I asked for ID and ultimatemas login info she did not want to give me after I paid and that was our original agreement. STAY AWAY this is a scammer! Will repost everyday until end of carnival.

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1. Tribe Aurum backline with collar. Bikini bottom small. Cut out bra 32C/34B/36A. Paid in full.

2. Tribe Aella backline. No collar or backpack. Bikini bottom small. Cut out bra size: 32C/34B/36A. Downpayment made $352. The rest will be owed to Tribe today.

Willing to negotiate prices!! What鈥檚 app 601-398-5425.

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Two Female Tribe Costumes for Sale. Section Sahara. Size small and large bikini bottom. Willing to give discounts if bought together. Please contact 868-489-9742 for more info


In need of a costume asap Tribe or Yuma
Bra 34D Bottom M Backpack peffered

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Looking to purchase

1 Tribe Amazon Frontline
1 Bliss Aquilla Frontline

Message me for whatsapp info.

Quick & easy transaction.

Thank you.

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Looking for a tribe wrist band to buy for Monday and Tuesday !!! Who has it ?

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