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For sale

1 soca brainwash ticket mardi gras for Miami carnival $110

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For Sale Soca Brainwash tix $100 each i have 2 .

Cant go bc of work.

Email or whatsapp me 4045138818
[email protected]

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2 Soca Brainwash Trinidad Tickets for sale.
Ticket 1: Howdy $221.49 USD ($1508 TT)
Ticket 2: Saddle-Up $231.99 USD ($1579 TT)
Seller Location: Trinidad
Contact: [email protected]

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1 soca brainwash ticket for sale at $115
And a discounted brunch and soca for $50 (I鈥檓 willing to do $45 the least)
All Miami events. Carnival is next week so alyuh link up 馃槀馃槶


For sale
Vale Vibe Miami tickets tier 1 $ 70 each
Duck work tickets early bird $40 each

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Selling 2 SBW tickets. $128 each.

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2 Soca brainwash Miami ticket for sale message and ask for price [email protected]

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2 citrus Miami tickets available for sale at affordable price text for fast response [email protected]

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Please only contact me if you鈥檙e ready to BUY!

Cannot make TNT Carnival Sale
2024 SBW - $232
Spirit Mas Solana FL - 32B/Small - $441 Due to me/$529 to Band

[email protected] for immediate response

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Selling Soca brainwash Miami for $125
SSA Jouvert package 2x shirt for $90
Message on here or @flipfoneshawty on IG

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