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Looking for a tribe costume .
Bra : 32DD
Bottom (tong) : M or L
What’sapp me : +590690273522

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Looking for a spirit mas female costume
Bra size: 34c
Size small

Message me on WhatsApp 340-7253

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One Shop Suppliers

November 24, 2023 at 09:24pm

Looking for spirit Mas male costume small size !!

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Looking for 1 female spirit costume (38b, Medium)

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NEED A DRIVER for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2024? For your safety i have recommendations in NY. Just whatsapp me and we can make all the links possible. TOTALLY SAFE AND RELIABLE. Airbnb and house rental hunting can also be arranged.

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I have two extra soca brainwash tickets. Anyone interested in buying them? I have the receipt and proof of purchase.

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Need a tribe package

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I'm looking for a medium backpack for Bliss Carnival section Marai to buy.
Call or WhatsApp 363-4966.

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Need a Bliss Male costume Size 36

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Looking for SpiritMas Solana Frontline Costume (Wire bra) Size S

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