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Hi guys. $650 EACH! Only selling so low because I’m about to have my money wasted all together.

Selling MODA & PROTOTYPE costumes💞
For Miami Carnival 2023! These sections are with genX and have backpacks included. Both costumes include GenX Jouvert bodywear. Pink monkinis.

2 MALE available as well. $250 each!

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For sale- mia carnival
1 hangover brain freeze cocktail inclusive-$90
1 general admission for carnival Sunday-$50

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Selling genx 1MODA & 1LYRIX costume with jouvert included looking for 2 ramajay costumes any section ….

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SOCA BRAINWASH MIAMI ( will transfer )

Reserve Trinidad CARNIVAL fete tickets today!

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Splash Cooler Fete tickets available for sale

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4 SSS Blue Miami ticket for sale $65 each *

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I have SBW Tickets available for sale

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Citrus Miami tickets available for sale

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Mantenso Skido-Achulo

September 30, 2023 at 02:59am

Any Kes concert (htx) tickets for sale?

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Elena watridge Hellen

September 30, 2023 at 01:58am

Miami Jouvert tickets available for sale

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