Looking for a hotel/condo/home to rent in Port of Spain near queens park savannah from 02/21/20 - 02/27/20

Contact information: [email protected]


For rent Trinidad carnival 2020
☆4 bedroom 4 bathroom *house* with pool Moka Maraval $8500usd
☆ 3 bedroom 3 bathroom *house* with pool Haleland Park Maraval $8000USD
☆3 bedroom 3 bath *condo* Goodwood Park $7000usd
☆3 bedrooms 2 bathroom *townhouse* Westmorrings $5000USD
☆ 2 bedroom Newbury Hill Glencoe sleeps 4 with pool $4000usd
☆ 2 bedroom 1 bath Carenage $2500usd
WhatsApp me 18687322014


Room for rent, private house in Diego Martin $200 a night, link me for more info 347-470-2157


Cyanna Jobity-Holder

November 10, 2019 at 01:31pm


✔We deliver and pick up the car

✔Prices vary depending on the duration of the rental

✔Discounts available

✔Exceptional customer service

✔Highly maintained vehicles

Call/Whatsapp us at Autopal Rental Services Ltd.: 1-868-748-9620, 1-868-767-3016, or 1-868-332-9681.

(Special conditions apply)


Y’all really up here tryna make money off these tickets 🤣🤣🤣 smh anyway i need 3 am Bush packages for the price it sold for i don’t mind a Lil extra but don’t try to pay ya rent off me thanks

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