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Male soca tickets needed.

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Looking for very cheap male and female soaka tickets on the 22nd of Jan!

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Looking for one female soaka ticket


Cic ticket more than 1600 zelle have to ensure the transaction is legit!

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Bliss Female Frontline Costume For Sale
Absolute VIP Section- Panthera

Large Bottom Piece decorated bikini with mesh
Cut out bra 34D/34C/36B/38A
Upgraded Large Backpack
Including crown, neck, sleeve, arm, wrist, pair of upper legs, pair of lower legs, small collar.

Meal- Meat option

Down payment of $6700 TTD already paid
Balance $5870 TTD due by 31st Jan
Willing to discount $2000 of the down payment and new buyer pays the balance.


Scammer alert🚨: This Grace Jessica person is trying to scam people. Be careful.


2 gateway tics 800 each for sale


2 Female Soaka tickets for sale $600 TT each


Gateway to the World (E-Tickets) for sale:

Tier 1 - Early Bird General - $700
Tier 3 - Regular General - $800
Tier 3 - Regular VIP - $1,400


Two uwi fete tickets for sale !!! Call 360-5939

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