Thea Nanton-Persaud

September 25, 2022 at 08:32pm

For sale Tribe Diosa Frontline. Small collar, 34 D wire bra, medium regular bottom.

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For sale
Carnival appointments will only be approved if a deposit is made 馃

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TIPSY - 100 each
SBW- 80 each for sale

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MM4 Miami VIP ticket for sale

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Real people who have tickets and costumes for sale please come to the respective fb pages where admins can vet and let you all in鈥hese scammers are annoying!!!!

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Got 1 soca brainwash champion ticket for Miami carnival available for sale


2 Tipsy Tickets for sale, $85


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Hey! In need of 1 soca brainwash champion ticket for Miami carnival

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Hi peoples,

FOR SALE : SUNRISE BREAKFAST PARTY ( Female Ticket) Trinidad 2023

I'm selling my tic on My Carnival Match as ALL sales are VERFIED and 鉂 scamming. Feel CONFIDENT purchasing your tic NO ZELLE, NO CASHAPP. Download your ticket after purchase!

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MM40 Miami VIP tickets for sale

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