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Bliss Vixen Backline for sale
Includes Backline Bodywear (as pictured) Waistband, Sleeves, Wrist Pieces, Leg Pieces, Neckpiece & Crown

Bra size = 32C/34B/36A
Bottom piece = Large Bikini
Meal option = Meat

Backline: $6,495 (US$1,039) + Collar: $275 (US$44) = $6,770.00
Payment to me = $2500
Payment to Bliss at a later date = $4270


Bliss Male Costume for Sale
Section: Saber
Board Shorts: Waist 32"
Revel Hat & Tank: Medium
Meal Option: Meat
Payment to Me: $2500TTD / $400USD
Payment to Bliss: $2500TTD / $$400USD

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I got two male and 1 female sunrise party tickets
For sale

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Looking for female Tribe costume any section, 36DDD

Also need male Tribe costume, any section 36 or 38 waist

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Costume Type: Frontline
Section: Loki
Bra: Wire Bra
Bra: 30A/32A
Size: XSmall
Bottom Piece: Decorated Thong
Backpack: Large with Feathered Tail
Due to me: $1000 USD
Due to Tribe by Jan 31, 2023: $1117.20 USD

Note: Costume doesn't include Feathered Legs

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Selling 2 SOCA BRAINWASH tix
SBW only NOT combo ticket
2 for $460US
I've successfully sold on here before. Not scamming.


Yuma Frenzy for sale.
Regular Bra: 32DD/34D/36C/38B/40A
Small Backpack Add on
$583 owed to me
$432 owed to Yuma


📣Looking for a Women’s TRIBE costume, any section. Size Large

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Got 1 Soca Brainwash for sale listed price

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sunrise breakfast party tickets for Trinidad carnival for sale

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