SALE: TRIBE; 32 MALE ATLANTICA: $700 usd Full Payment made... No time wasters or negotiating... contact via e-mail [email protected]


Tribe back line costume for sale
Section: Mizaj
Bra size: 32B
Waist: 34”
Panty size : Thong (medium)
Headpiece: jeweled crown

Down payment to back to me $320 USD , balance to pay to tribe $479.20 USD


Damali Jordan-Brown

December 06, 2017 at 09:04pm

Looking for:
Band: bliss
Section: vintage vougue
Bra size: 32a/b
Bottom piece: small/medium


For Sale Risque Frontline 34c Large panty additional thong large leg pieces .
210 deposit to me 1215 due to Rogue

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4 Soca Brain Wash tickets for sale $230 contact 18683864152


For Sale
Poison Apple
Female Backline with Collar and Feathered Legs
Size Large; Bra 34C

Downpayment paid = US$480 each
Balance due = US$431.20/TT$2695


Santorini Sunset Female Backline
Base costume $6275.00 TTD / USD 1004.00
D/Payments Made: $2,500.00 TTD / $400.00 USD
Belt 38"
Bra size 38DD
Bikini - XLarge
Message me if interested!!!!!


NEED two Tribe Backline Costumes (Atlantica, Mystique, Sambala, Queen of Hearts)
Bra: 32B or 34B
Bottom: Small or Medium

preferably with atleast one collar


!!!Lost Tribe costume for SALE!!!
Section: Kathryn, female, monokini thong small, monokini bra 32A.
Downpayment of $2000 ttd already paid.
Balance is $2995 ttd.
For more info call me @ 868-467-1520


Michelle 'Biscuit' Bynum

December 06, 2017 at 12:01pm

Looking to purchase 3 soca brainwash tickets for Feb. 10th it's my birthday, help me out! 😊

Thumb image

Make someone happy this Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanza/ Yule/ Winter Solstice!
Gift them a SBW ticket. $250 each or $480 for both. Only two tickets for sale!
Serious inquiries ONLY!
Accepting Paypal (Friends and Family) and Chase Quickpay/Zelle

Don't get stick come January~!


Need: 2014-2017 Large head pieces in good condition from Bliss/Tribe/Harts/Fantasy
NYC area ONLY!

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I am looking to buy 3 tickets for D'original Vale breakfast party! Can pay through PayPal, venmo or cash app.


Need 2 female AMbush packages!! asap

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Sparkle Carnival 2018

December 05, 2017 at 07:35pm

For Sale:
Poison Apple
3 Female Backline with Collar and Feathered Legs
1. Size Small; Bra 32B
2. Size Medium; Bra 34C
3. Size Medium; Bra 34B

Downpayment paid = US$480 each
Balance due = US$431.20/TT$2695 each

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